This Device Cannot Start Code 10 For Device Manager In Windows 10


The Code 10 error is mainly related to hardware and device driver issues or to compatibility issues between hardware drivers and additional software that is installed in Windows. Therefore, we recommend that you troubleshoot these issues by focusing on device drivers, on device configuration issues, and on hardware compatibility issues.
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A device may also receive a Code 10 error if a driver generates an error that Device Manager doesn’t understand. In other words, a Code 10 error can sometimes be a very generic message indicating some kind of unspecified driver or hardware problem.

A Code 10 error is generated in Device Manager in one of the following situations:
Device Manager can’t start the device.
One of the drivers that the device needs does not start.
Device Manager has insufficient information to recognize the error that is bubbled up by the device driver.

How to fix device cannot start code 10

Update the drivers for this device
in Device Manager, click the Driver tab in the device’s Properties dialog box.
Click Update Driver to start the Hardware Update Wizard.
Follow the instructions to update the driver.

Did you install a device or make a change in Device Manager just before the Code 10 error appeared? If so, it’s possible that the change you made caused the Code 10 error.

Undo the change if you can, restart your PC, and then check again for the Code 10 error.

Depending on the changes you made, some solutions might include:

Remove or reconfigure the newly installed device.
Roll back the driver to a version prior to your update.
Use System Restore to undo recent Device Manager related changes.

Manually fix corrupted registry entries
This problem may be caused by two Windows registry entries that have become corrupted. To use Registry Editor to delete the corrupted Registry entries,

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