Tapescripts grade 5

Question 1:
Question 1. Listen and number
1. A: Lucy, may I come in?
B: Yes, Grandpa. Come in , please.
2. A: What are you doing, Lucy?
B: I’m drawing a picture, Grandpa.
A: What are you drawing?
B: I’m drawing a castle, Grandpa.
3. A: What’s your castle like?
B: It’s big. Very big.
A: Oh, yes. What colour is it?
B: It’s red. My castle is red.
4. A: Where is your castle?
B: It’s in our area , Green Park Village.
A: Oh, really? How nice !
5. A: Are there people in your castle ?
B: Yes, Grandpa. A lot …One hundred people !
A: How many ?
B: One hundred !
A: Oh, so much !
Question 2:
1. Look! We are making cake. Can you see the cake. Now, colour it brown. Colour the cake brown.
2. Look at him. He has a present in his hands. Now, colour it green. Colour the present green.
3. This is a snowman. Look! He’s wearing a hat. Now, colour it red. Colour the hat red
4. Look at the cat. Can you see the cat with the balloon? Colour it yellow. Colour the cat yellow.

Question 3:
1. I play football with my friends at 3 o’clock.
2. I watch TV at quarter past two.
3. I have dinner at half past four.
4. I have math lesson at one o’clock.
5. I have music lesson at half past one.
Question 4:
1. A: What are your favourite zoo animals.
B: Tigers.
2. A: Did you see the kangaroos at the zoo ?
B: Yes, I did.
3. A: Next week will be Teachers’ Day. What will we do?
B: We’ll have a lot to do. We’re going to draw coloured pictures and write poems for the school display.
A: And we’ll make the cards for our teachers too.
4. A: What are your favourite stories?
B: Detective stories.
5. A: What’s your favourite school subjects?
A: Why do you like it?
B: Because I want to become a scientist like my dad.

Question 5:

1. Mum: When have you got English, Ruby?
Ruby: I have it on Monday and Thursday.
2. Mum: Why do you take these bags?
Ruby: Because we have PE today, and these are our PE bags.
3. Mum: Can we visit our grandma this evening?
Ruby: No, I can’t because I have a music lesson.
4. Mum: What time do you have it?
Ruby: At seven o’clock in the evening.
5. Mum: What do you do after the music lesson?
Ruby: I go to bed.


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