Can't save files because they're marked read only when they aren't – MS Office Word & Excel (Fix)


unable to open/edit/save files because they’re marked “read only” when they aren’t problem in MS office word, excel and other programs? Try these two alternative methods to fix your problem.

Method #1: 0m3s
Right click on the file and chose Properties. Uncheck Readonly and Hidden attributes to disable them. Now click on Advanced. Uncheck all options there to disable. Click on apply and ok.

Method #2: 0m53s
Go to “Security Tab” in the Properties of the File itself. Make sure your username is here under “Group or User Names” and you have “Full Control”. For e.g. My Username in that window is “User” itself and i have “Full Control”
Click on Edit, if you don’t have
a- full control
b- your user name is not here.
Select your name and uncheck “Deny” items under “Permission for SYSTEM”. Check “Full Control” under allow if it’s not checked!

if your username is not here, please click on Add. Then click on Advanced. Now click on Find Names and select your name! Please edit the permissions and give full control for your username!

Note: If your name is already added in “Group or Usernames”, you can’t add it for second time! Your name will not appear in “Find Names” section!

A RESTART may be required to apply the changes you have made!


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