2019 Solution for Nox Player Stucked @ 99% on MacOS Mojave


This is a solution I just discovered for myself after spending almost 3 hours researching for a workaround for this error of 99% Stucked for NOX Player not continuing

MY SOLUTION: Grant FULL DISK ACCESS to Nox by clicking the Plus (+) Button on Privacy

DISCLAIMER: All the solutions offered on Youtube which I have tested didn’t all work. Well, my rig is a Late 2011 Macbook Pro i7 running Mojave which is why perhaps those solutions won’t work. Mojave is unofficially supported on my Mac and Mojave only supports 2012+ above models.

I don’t know if this solution will work on other Mac models as I have no more time to test and no resources available. But I am pretty confident it will work too.

Comment down below if it worked for you. 🙂


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